hedge reduction & maintenance

We know that Hedge Trimming is a responsibility that should be taken care of by a professional who has years of knowledge and experience in trees and shrubs.
There's always maintenance involved in hedges and shrubs as they create a natural looking boundary instead of looking at walls, fences and other artificial structures.
Undertaking hedge trimming can be dangerous, with people often falling off ladders. We have a range of equipment and the experience to complete any job quickly and safely.

Keep your hedge maintained all year round!

Hedge maintenance and trimming is usually carried out between the spring and summer months. Long standing and well established Hedges require regular trimming to keep them dense and compact. For formal hedges we would recommend more frequent trimming than informal hedges. Hedge trimming can be carried out to your exact specifications. Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements.

Top tip!

The most common conifer species you will find in a garden is Leylandii. These need to be trimmed once (or at most, twice a year). Some people recommend trimming it three times (or more!) a year but this isn’t necessary and, in fact, can weaken the Leylandii hedge especially in years of drought or during other forms of stress. Leylandii hedges that are trimmed too many times do not get a chance to put on any re-growth before the spring, so they are more likely to suffer from problems. Burning is a common problem where harsh pruning at the wrong time of year or under the wrong weather conditions causes them to burn or go brown.

Leylandii are extremely fast growing and can comfortably grow up to 3ft a year and quickly get to a height where more extensive pruning needs to be done. If you keep your hedge at a height of 6-8ft (2-3m), it is much easier to trim than if it is 10-15ft (4-5m) in height.