tree felling & stump grinding

Tree Felling

Tree felling isn't always a straight forward operation, that's why we have the skills and experience to carry out a risk assessment before undergoing any work. Nearby buildings and confined spaces are just some of the complications that can arise.

Tree felling may be necessary if the tree has been infected with a disease or severely damaged due to adverse weather conditions. Trees may also be causing damage to property or other environmental surroundings.

How does stump grinding work?

The area around the stump will first be checked for buried services using a cable avoidance tool. We’ll then erect guards around the tree stump to contain any flying debris before the stump grinder is moved into position.

The stump grinder works by grinding across the tree/shrub stump and working down to a depth below ground of approximately 6 – 12 inches. This allows us to remove surface roots as well.

Once the stump grinding is complete the grindings are backfilled into the hole where where stump was and any excess is removed from site. The grindings created by this process are a fine woody mulch
which will naturally breakdown as time goes on, top soil and grass seed can then be added should the customer require.

We have the right tools for the job.

Without the right machinery, tree stumps are difficult things to remove. We have a wealth of experience and a wide variety of dedicated grinding machines to tackle both large and small grinding jobs. The process is quick, efficient and leaves the ground ready to proceed with your project.

Tree stumps can often be located in awkward places that larger machinery cannot reach. Whether the stump to remove is in a tight spot or the only access you have is through your property, we are able to reach those troublesome stumps.