wood chipping & recycling

The benefits of wood chipping.

We have all heard that wood is an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of energy - making the use of wood chip beneficial for the environment. 

At the same time most people are aware of the fact that wood chipping is an extremely efficient way of disposing wood and branch material. Using a wood chipper, you could create a good ground cover for your garden. That ought to help you to control the unwanted weeds and the garden soil will also retain more moisture. This aids your plants to thrive well. If you find a lot of large awkward branches growing in your garden, you could get rid of them easily with a wood chipper.

Moisture Retention
Temperature Control
Weed Control

Why wood chipping?

Using wood chipping benefits the environment because waste wood goes into the garden instead of a landfill. It is economical, readily available, and it’s easy to apply and remove. It isn’t blown around by winds like lightweight mulches. When it no longer looks its best, you can compost it or work it directly into the soil. Take a look at our wood chipper in action!

The best way to find out more about what we do with wood chipping or how we do it is to get in touch. Wood chipping is an excellent addition to your garden. Let us know what you require and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.