hard & soft wood logs

What's the difference between hard & soft wood logs?

Many people are unaware of the importance in differences between different types of firewood. The species of tree in which the logs come from have a huge impact on their burning performance and heat output. Hardwood is the ideal choice for heating your home through the comfort of a log burning fire or wood burning stove as they maintain a longer lasting fire. Common species of hardwood are the likes of sycamore, oak and ash.

Conifers and evergreens produce softwood which accumulates for around 80% of the world's building timber and are often identified by their pine smell and distinct needles. Species of softwood include spruce, pine and larch. Softwood has a lower density than hardwood and so burns at a much faster pace, thus making it unsuitable for heating your home for long periods of time. We recommend starting your fire with softwood logs to build up a good core heat before adding hardwood logs for a long sustained burn.

Our firewood for sale

Here at JS Tree Services we have hard & soft wood logs from a variety of species available for purchase. Firewood is an essential for many people all year round. Depending on your requirement, we can advise what type of wood suits your needs best.

Our firewood is sold by the cubic metre and comes fully seasoned.

£70 Soft Wood Logs
£85 Hard Wood Logs