Precision dismantling

An arborist's natural habitat!

Felling isn't always an option, when it comes to taking trees down there can often be a lot of
complications. In difficult situations it may require a more technical method of removal.

We are fully trained and qualified to tackle the removal of any tree in a safe and controlled manner. Full rigging and lowering equipment can be used to prevent any damage to property and ensure the work is carried out as safely as possible. It is the perfect way to remove any tree which is dead, has been damaged, is an obstruction or situated in a confined space.

Select the Tree
Use the Correct Safety Equipment
Dismantle and Lower Any Dangerous Limbs

A job done right.

Our mission is to provide you with a healthy, safe and pleasing landscape. We recognise that every job is different and our tree services are optimised to give each job and client our undivided professional attention. Our professional tree inspection provides value-added support to residential or commerical clients. Additionally, we bring all our own tree surgeon equipment, including hedge cutters, hedge trimmers, chain saws (variety of sizes for wide range of jobs) to get the job done.