Crown reduction / thinning / lifting

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the pruning of a tree, and is most often applied when a tree has grown too large for it’s surroundings. Crown reduction is preferred to topping, because it leaves the tree in a more natural look, decreases the need for more future work and minimises stress and bother.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves removing a number of secondary branches in such a way that it produces a balanced crown structure, without altering the overall size or shape of the tree. It results in improved light levels passing through the canopy thus reducing shading.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is often carried out where more head room is needed underneath trees branches giving clearance for people and vehicles. This involves the complete or partial removal of branches to give a specified clearance from the ground, to give unhindered movement around the tree.


Finding out what is right for you

Prior to carrying out any tree pruning, our tree surgeons provide you with a detailed tree inspection and consultation to ensure that the service you require will have the desired effect. During this consultation, we will inspect the tree to see if it is in good health, outline any issues you may want to address and which service you may require. This could be either crown thinning, crown lifting or a crown reduction. Our workforce are fully qualified and trained to provide support and quality workmanship no matter what the job may be.